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What is it and why is it so convenient for you?

Auto Leasing in Los Angeles- is one of the most attractive options for a long-term lease. Certainly, you have to consider many options to avoid various issues which can emerge while leasing an auto. But, with our assistance, you no longer need to worry about any possible problems. For better understanding, we will give you the list of answers to the most frequent questions concerning an auto leasing.

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What is it and why is it so convenient for you?

Auto Leasing means leasing a brand new(not second-hand) automobile for 3 years. In some cases, it is possible to reduce the term down to three years, but as practice shows us, it is a very rare occasion. There is also an option called a secondary leasing. In that case, you get a car, which has been used for three years. It goes without saying that, in this case, the used vehicle passes a full procedure of pre-leasing preparation which includes a full maintenance and all necessary repairs. Note that in that case, the charge will be lower, since you are dealing with a used vehicle.

In Los Angeles, personal car leasing has become has become very popular mostly because of the growth of the second-hand market. As a result, a car proprietor may earn decent money for leasing(his vehicles will be well-kept to avoid penalties) and after that, he may hit the secondary market and sell them with minimal pre-sell preparation and price lose.

We offer you the best bargain when it comes to the L.A car leasing market, as it is inexpensive and we can offer you a suitable pay schedule which will fit your aims and allow fully enjoy your brand new car! But, we need to note that it will be difficult to a make premature termination of the contract in that case.

Let us know what car you want to buy in leasing

    What is required to make a lease

    A stable job is the first thing on the list. You need that not only to lease the premium class cars but also to get an average car. Also, you need to get an international driving license  (L.A driving license will do) a valid passport and enough money to pay the first deposit. If you do not have any credit story the insurance will cost you more than usual and you need to take in into consideration.

    A few interesting facts

    Suppose that you have leased a vehicle which you really like and now you want to redeem it? Well, in that case, you should know that you must deduce the last payment from a cars price at a time you signed a contract. The current price is out.
    If you are planning to install any additional equipment, you should discuss that option. In some cases, it is allowed, but in some cases, it is strictly forbidden. We advise you to be cautious in order not to violate the contract rules.
    Leasing is one of the most required services in the United States on the whole and particularly in Los Angeles. Stimulation of a customer to buy a new car is one of the major reasons. The sales rate of the new vehicles has increased by 76% since 2008. As a result, the number of cars on the secondary market has increased as well. Constant replacement of the old cars by the new ones resulted in improving the ecological situation in the country.
    Let’s talk about the customer’s preferences, particularly about the models that are in favor. Here there is no stability and the customer’s preferences tend to vary from year to year. The crossovers in basic issue have been pretty popular over the last few years. Before that, the standard autos mostly the sedan type were in the customer’s favor. The hybrids despite the lower prices are gradually losing their popularity. We cannot say the same about the premium class autos-they have always been in favor and pretty popular but only among wealthy customers.
    Anyway, If you want to drive a new auto but you can’t afford it we are at your service! You will drive a brand new auto, however with minimal exploitation limitations. Regular service and full insurance coverage are included!

    Feedback from our customers


    I leased Ford Focus. I signed the contract the same day and it didn’t take much time.
    I was eager to know more about leasing and terms of exploitation and the manager answered patiently all my questions which took most of the time. I got the car in one week and the first payment was only 20 %. Thank you for pretty acceptable terms terms!


    In 2018, trought Concept в Los Andgeles I leased a Volkswagen Jetta. I was content with the terms and the paper didn’t take too much time, which surprised me a lot. The staff was quite competent and obliging. I was fully informed about all terms and maintenance details I needed to know.


    In September I filled an application form on Concept. Shortly after a manager called me and after discussing the terms we signed a contract. I got my personal manager who took my case. In 7 days I got my vehicle. Thank you for prompt work and transparent terms!